About Us

Have you ever needed to find a local business? In most cases you contact a reliable person to provide recommendations. Individually, we’ve been that someone. Also, do you know someone who has a knack for finding quality merchandise and services at great prices? IGotHuntsville.com is that someone too and we are excited about sharing this with you! In doing so, we acknowledge the power of word of mouth advertising: It is powerful and priceless. Not to mention, ratings are a tool for us shoppers. Ratings also provide an incentive for businesses to treat us all as the VIPs we are. IGotHuntsville.com has combined all of this into our site in an effort to aide you, the shopper, and to offer businesses an effective advertising solution. Whether it be by laptop, desktop, tablet, cell phone…we encourage you use the convenience of the internet and the power of the aspects of our site, to shop and save! Visit our site often! Join our email list! All at no cost to you, the customer, the shopper….that’s right: for Free!!!