Always Test Drive and Inspect

You should never buy a vehicle on looks alone. Taking a test drive is extremely important, especially with used cars. Pay attention to how the vehicle feels on different types of roads, turn every dial, and press every button. If it’s on, turn the radio off and listen to the car. Once you’re satisfied with the test drive, take the vehicle to a trusted mechanic for a thorough inspection. Sometimes, there are things lurking under the surface that only a mechanic can tell you about.

Consider Your Financing Needs

If you have good credit, you can likely go to any dealership or bank and get the financing you need. Borrowers whose credit isn’t good, however, typically need additional help getting a car loan. If you’re having this problem, chances are you need a subprime lender that looks beyond your credit score to approve you based on other factors such as income, employment, and residence stability. These lenders only work indirectly through special finance dealers, and can sometimes be hard to find.

Rather than stress out over going from dealership to dealership looking for a lender, use the expertise of Auto Credit Express to find the financing you need. We work with a nationwide network of special finance dealers that have lenders available to help those who struggle with credit issues. Let us help you find a local dealership in your area – just fill out our auto loan request form to start the process.